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The Claudette and Maurice Cormier Collection 

Composed of over 1200 paintings and pieces of Acadian folk art dating mainly from the 20th century, the Cormier Collection was assembled over a 40 year period by the Moncton couple Claudette and Maurice Cormier, with the goal of one day leaving it to the Acadian community. In December 2019, the collection was bequeathed to Nation Prospère Acadie and is on display at the Musée de Kent in Bouctouche. 


A first exhibition of the Cormier Collection was presented on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the construction of the former Bouctouche Convent in 2020. It features a selection of 40 paintings produced mainly by artists from Kent and Westmorland Counties in New Brunswick. In addition, there are works by artists from other regions of Acadia.


Series 1 Booklet, Cormier Collection – Summer 2020

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