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1. Colombe Bourque

One hundred years ago in 1921 the young Colombe Bourque, a native of Fox Creek (Dieppe) and then aged 16, painted a magnificent riverine scene. She died the following year at the age of 17 from tuberculosis. Her painting of a riverine scene, beautifully executed but now damaged, would have been one of her last. This restoration project will allow us to preserve, for present and future generations, a unique artistic treasure from this young Acadian artist.

Restoration work estimate: $3,000

Major Projects (objective $115,000)

The  BAPA's Major Projects aim to restore and showcase four treasures of Acadian artistic heritage.
You are invited to learn more about them on this page and to contribute to their success.

2. Édouard Gautreau


After remaining 40 years dormant in a school basement in Shediac, the large theatre curtain painted by Édouard Gautreau in 1931 at the age of 25 is now being resurrected. In the summer of 2020, it underwent initial restoration treatment to clean and consolidate this unique piece of artwork. The next restoration phase of this canvas, the largest in Acadia (10 feet by 18 feet), will require a much more advanced treatment that will allow us to join its upper and lower sections, and thoroughly clean and repaint its damaged sections. Once this operation is completed, a theater stage-style frame will be built by a youth team accompanied by a master carpenter.

Restoration work estimate: $75,000

3. Sr. Agnes Berchmans

(née Julia Alma Landry)

Anges (Berchmans 1953).jpg

Finally, at the age of 27 in 1906, the young Sister Agnes Berchmans (born Julia Alma Landry in Bouctouche) went to Florence, Italy to perfect her painting skills with one of the great European masters of the time, Filadelfo Simi. Upon her return, she produced hundreds of religious artworks of very high quality, 135 works of which were unfortunately destroyed in the fire that consumed the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity in Halifax in 1951. The day after this tragedy, Sister Agnes, then 72 years old, went back to work to repaint the missing paintings. Two large frescoes of angels were painted in 1951 and this restoration project will allow them to be publicly exhibited for the first time in New Brunswick.

Restoration work estimate: $22,000

4. Youth media art component

This component consists of showcasing these treasures of Acadian artistic heritage through the production of three videos produced in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence in Media Arts (CEAM) green studio. Located in Shediac and directed by the CinéRelève team, this film education project aims to train the next generation of Acadian filmmakers in the art and technique of physical and digital special effects.

Against the backdrop of these great works of Acadian artistic heritage, three videos presenting a team of young actors will seek to recreate scenes featuring these three artists at work 90 and 100 years ago. A team of young filmmakers will also be trained as part of this project by the CEAM and the final product will be widely distributed through social media.

Media art component estimate: $15,000

The BAPA's Major Projects

The BAPA's Majors Projects offer youth a rare opportunity to participate in an effort to preserve and present four treasures of Acadian artistic heritage, all produced by young Acadians in the last century. The projects will also enable young apprentices to hone their creative talents in order to showcase the fruits of their labour to the general public.

To ensure the success of BAPA's Major Projects by making a tax deductible donation or to discuss your desire to help, we invite you to click here or to reach us by email.

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